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Sarah Eve captures the beauty and fragility of life through her song lyrics. Her emotive songwriting reveals stories from her own life with a rare kind of raw, unflinching honesty.

Lacing eloquent lyrics through shimmering melodies, Sarah Eve's pure and wistful vocal has a depth and maturity beyond her years and quiet power that cuts through the noise of the everyday.


As a songwriter, Sarah's creativity shines through her emotive lyrics and melancholic melodies. Her songs captivate audiences and resonate with all ages. 


Sarah Eve’s uniquely haunting, heart tugging sound illuminates truths of the human condition, considering themes of love, loss, grief and lessons in life.

Born in the North East of Scotland, Sarah Eve grew up in the solitude of a blue pine and evergreen woodland three miles away from the nearest village. Her love of writing and poetry led her to studying Music and Creative Writing to an advanced level.


Sarah graduated from University in 2022 with a 1st Class BA Degree in Popular Music.

She is currently writing and recording songs soon to be released.




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Sarah Eve

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